Photo Event F.A.Q

Hound Dog Studios donates their time to organizations, shelters + rescues that benefit Colorado dogs + cats.

How Do Photo Events Work?

  1. Once we decide on the details and a photo event is scheduled, we start advertising for the event.
  2. The day of, I come out to the location about 45 mins early and set up.
  3. Participants bring their dogs to the location, fill out a quick model release and make their donation to your organization (you can have a donation jar or someone on location to collect donations). In exchange, I take professional photos of their pup!
  4. They will receive small, web resolution images that contain both your watermark and ours, within an agreed upon time frame (usually 7-14 days).
  5. Participants can then purchase high resolution images, prints and products from the event gallery. It’s literally that simple.

IWho Qualifies For A Session?

Animal rescues, shelters and organizations that benefit animals (trainers with scholarship funds) qualify for a session, as do ANY organizations that want to collect donations on behalf of one of these organizations.

When Are Sessions Held?

Sessions are typically held on weeknights or weekends, but can occasionally be held on weekdays.

Where Are Sessions Held?

Sessions are held throughout the Denver and Boulder area.  They can be held at any dog friendly indoor location that has an area that can be closed off. This can include at the shelters, at dog friendly breweries, in stores and more.

Why Are You Offering These Sessions?

Why not? I love animals and giving back, and I can’t currently adopt or foster any more animals (we have six under our roof). So I’m using my love of photography to cuddle with dogs and give back to the rescue community.

How Do I Schedule A Photo Event?

Use our contact form and let us know what you’re thinking!